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The essence of the brand - the definition of the spirit of the brand, which makes it unique in its category and why the consumer is invited to set the value of the brand, its products and services over others. Brand Strategy - development of brand positioning, identity and principles. The development of the territory and visual language of the brand, in order to ensure cohesive emotional and rational platform that will define and express the brand idea in all its manifestations...



The process of creation of Pikkatech's logo with BeBrand was a pleasure. We only needed to produce an abstract idea, and BeBrand's artist transformed it on the spot into an appealing visual symbol. After not so long a cycle of changes and corrections it resulted in a convincing pictorial image of the enterprise. The whole process could be arranged over email and skype, so the way from a vague idea to a ready artistic product was extremely short.

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BeBrand Studio specializes in corporate identity creation. The Studio offers comprehensive corporate identity development for companies in the field of food and lifestyle, with an emphasis on packaging design. BeBrand was founded in 2012 by Slava Bukina - a designer with 18 years of experience. Prior to establishing her own studio Slava worked and gained vast professional knowledge at such well-known design studios as Baruh Naeh creative branding and Neogroup (Philippe Boulakia). Slava has over 50 clients with hundreds of projects under her belt, including large companies with a worldwide reputation - Sano, Achva, Strauss, Shufersal, Ben-Zimra Winery, Har Adar Winery, Schmerling, Roy Chocolate etc., as well as small firms and independent business owners...






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