BeBrand Studio specializes in corporate identity creation. The Studio offers comprehensive corporate identity development for companies in the field of food and lifestyle, with an emphasis on packaging design.

BeBrand was founded in 2012 by Slava Bukina - a designer with 18 years of experience. Prior to establishing her own studio Slava worked and gained vast professional knowledge at such well-known design studios as Baruh Naeh creative branding and Neogroup (Philippe Boulakia). Slava has over 100 clients with hundreds of projects under her belt, including large companies with  a worldwide reputation - Sano, Achva, Strauss, Shufersal, Ben-Zimra Winery, Har Adar Winery, Schmerling, Roy Chocolate etc., as well as small firms and independent business owners.

             Why Bebrand?

We are a perfect match for your business

We offer solutions for a wide range of businesses, from small boutique businesses to large companies in Israel and around the world.

We have a slightly different approach to work with the Client

A designer who works on your project leads it from start to finish. He accompanies you during photo sessions and a printing stage, if needed. You tell him about your preferences, express your opinions and discuss points at issue that arise during the work. Open communication between you and the designer significantly speeds up the entire process and makes it as productive as possible.We maintain a relationship with our clients well after the project is finished and you can turn to us if needed.

We have a huge experience in PRINT sphere

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we consider any and all opportunities to provide you with better results in printing the final product: Design for all types of packaging. Preparation for printing of any kind with focus on finishes and paper type. Accompanying in the process of printing, if needed.

We love challenges and complicated projects

Our passion is creating memorable design which tells a unique brand story. We uncover the brand's personality, its heart and soul an, once identified, bring it to life.

In addition to all these undeniable advantages you get professionals who are:

- PASSIONATE about design in all its forms.
- Madly in LOVE with their work and proud of the results.
- WELL VERSED in the language of the client.


Thank you for your interest in our services.
Glad to be here for you!

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